Monday, April 20, 2009

PGA Tour Doldrums

Excuse me if I'm the only one that hasn't paid rapt attention to the latest PGA Tour offerings. I respectfully submit that I didn't catch a stroke of Brian Gay's 10 shot victory at the Verizon Heritage last weekend. The 10 shot cushion in my mind was either Mr. Gay catching lightning in a bottle, or a commentary on the weakness of the field. The upcoming Zurich Classic of New Orleans, Andres Romero defends, promises to be more of the same. To be fair, these "B" events present a great opportunity for a rising star to put the 1st notch on his win belt. Nick Watney won the New Orleans tournament in 2007 and he's certainly a bright light in the circle of new breed golfers. Boo Weekley's back to back at the Verizon put his mug and country style in front of a lens. All good. Still, not enough to get me to devour hours of couch time watching. I can't get too worked up viewing what's obviously a second rate professional sporting event. These matches are like Triple A baseball. Play well and gain an entrance on the stage of the majors and pseudo-majors where the big boys make their hay. Sort of like year round Q school.

The next round of must-sees starts with the Quail Hollow Championship, (formerly The Wachovia), on 4/30 - 5/3, followed by The Players Championship, 5/7 - 5/10. The Quail Hollow tourney typically attracts one of the strongest fields of the tour's "regular" events. Players evidently love the course and treatment they receive. Woods, Mickelson and entourage should take control of the remote in Average Golfer's living room. Playing or watching golf is a time consuming proposition. With the hint of spring finally in the air my attention is being turned from watching to playing. Sure, I can play a round on a Sunday morning and be firmly entrenched in my recliner for the final day's round on tour, but my modest Protestant leanings lay a serious guilt trip on me for seemingly wasting a day.

You make the call. Watch or play, but do something.

Average Golfer opinion poll..... Of Brian Gay's Verizon Heritage booty, which is goofier, the blazer or the trophy?

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  1. I couldn't agree more, and I like Triple A baseball, but ONLY when I am there watching in person. It's good to see other guys play and have a chance at some winnings, but I too couldn't justify the "couch" time.

    As much as I love watching a great tourney, I'd almost always rather play. Thank goodness for my Tivo!

  2. Just maybe Woods avoids this course, only one win in 7 tries,way below his winning average, and his best score would not have been good enough to beat Mr. Gay.Great tournament, tough course if your driver strays,Phil, and Tiger should stay away from this course.

  3. Heather,

    Well, playing here can be a short season. Between the snow and rain I can catch plenty on TV.

  4. Anon,

    You have to be a fanatic to watch them all, although I agree that Hilton Head is a great old course. The big boys play in about half of the scheduled events.

  5. It's ashame the big guys don't make out to this tournament. Such a beautiful course. It's too close to The Masters, though. They should find a new slot for this one.

  6. oh those poor players , so over worked. lets throw out the 2008 season cause of no tiger.
    in 2007 world wide tw 17, phil 25, vijay 31, els 30/ 2006 world wide tw 19, phil 19, vijay 31, els 28.hey tiger whats up, only care about the $, not the tour? and what do you think he is doing on those off weeks, shopping? or hitting golf balls

  7. Probably shopping for golf balls to hit.

    From 1962-1988, a 27 year span, Jack Nicklaus entered 480 PGA Tour events, or 17.7 per year.

  8. Jacks tour lifetime earnings $5,714,282 , tiger woods 2007 tour (1 year) earnings $11,002,706. And how many events was there, then, and how was traveling to those tournaments in 1962. A lot rougher on the body, yes? no excuses for tiger please. Woods is alabout woods. i miss Arnie!