Saturday, April 4, 2009

NBC Golf Announcers on 1st Name Basis

Let me say I generally like the NBC golf announcing crew. Johnny Miller is black or white. You like him or you don't. I like him and my only gripe is when he dips into in depth swing analysis from the booth which is probably a quarter mile away from the swing he's dissecting. Roger Maltbie has nice presence and a pro golf background. Bob Murphy is akin to listening to golf stories from your favorite uncle. Dottie Pepper is a well informed reporter with great on-the-ground insight. Gary Koch is a warm personality with an obvious insider knowledge of the pro game.

There, that all said, I finally realized while watching the Shell Houston Open today what that nagging "something " was that's unique to an NBC golf broadcast. Perhaps I could demonstrate better than explain the nuance. Here's an Average Golfer rendition of the usual banter between the announcing crew.....

JM: "That looks like an uphill/downhill double breaker, huh Rog?"

RM: "Yes Johnny, that's exactly what is is."

JM: "Can you see how his lie is from where you are Dottie?"

DP: "Yes Johnny, and it's not any prettier from down here."

JM: "Hey Gary, is it as windy down there as it is up here?"

GK: "Oh yeah Johnny, maybe even windier."

JM: "Bob, is that Bermuda grass giving them any problems?"

BM: "All except the Bermudans in the field Johnny."

JM: "Hey Rog, is Dottie still with us?"

RM: "Hey Dottie, are you still with us?"

DP: "Of course, that Golf Channel promo only took about 5 minutes Rog, and Johnny."

JM: "Hey Rog, Dottie, Gary, and Bob, same place for dinner?"

RM, DP, BM, GK (in unison), "Yeah Johnny, but this time don't tell Hicks."

Dan Hicks: "Hey Johnny, Rog, Dottie, Bob, and Gary, Did I hear my name?"

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  1. Hey Average golfer, that was one of their better days on TV without Eldrick. They were lost out there without him to slobber over, I wish they would just get a room. Funny how they must prepare for the season by reading Elderick’s bio. Golf has been in a decline for many years, it is for one thing the horrible announcing. They are playing to the non-golfers. In nascar the people watch to see the accidents’, they buy the coats, hats and pictures, In the MLB,NFL,NBA, they dream of growing up to play, or getting that late in life one shot deal. But not in golf as in the others, the kids are not watching, and there is a much smaller number of people to cater to. Yes we still buy the cloths, but the weekend non playing tour watcher is not going to buy cloths, and hats to go out in cause Eldrick wears them. It is said that Arnold Palmer made golf a spectator sport, and Jack took it to the next level, all Eldrick has done is change the paycheck of about 8 to 9 hundred pros, and raised the prices for us on the products seen on TV, and that we the golfers need to purchase to play the game. Golf is a game of great shots, and they are not all hit by Eldrick. Each pro has to practiced many hours a day to get on the tour, and many have spent almost their whole lives to get there, how about just a little credit for them. In the begging I didn’t watch because I thought golf was boring, now it’s because of the announcing. Come on Eldrick talk to the press, tell them to give us a break! Even a huge egomaniac like you must get sick to your stomach listening to the blithering idiots on golf. Now I don’t believe that he is what they make him out to be, I could be wrong. But I believe that Eldrick is the best player today, but he was built to be, like those Chinese gymnasts. And I don’t believe that he belongs in the same paragraph with, Bobby, Arnold, Jack, and Ben. These were Golf heroes, great men to look up to, and emulate. Can you imagine yourself in your dream foursome, would you want Eldrick there?

  2. Dream foursome? Raquel, Natalie, Paula, and Anna. You did say foursome, right?

    Thanks for the visit and substantial comment.

  3. I thought the article was about Johnny Miller. He's an arrogant, negative, know-it-all. Can't blame the golfers for his comments. I'd play with Tiger any day!!

  4. jm is the greatest annoncer to be on tv. he tells it like it is and aint affraid to do so! all the other annoncers are chicken shit to say tiger hit a bad shot ,and i am sick of hearing tiger this and tiger that! thanks johnny.i want to express my gratitude to johnny miller and cant really find the right place to do so. if anyone can help me, e-mail me at thx

  5. Have I been missing something, where is Johnny Miller ? Hopefully he will reappear on today's US Amateur. After too many weeks of hearing Nance talking over all the real action, my ears are thirsty for Miller's commentary.

  6. Like I said, Miller's love/hate. I happen to like him, except when he dissects swings. His swing was so old school no one would ever teach it now. When he was on he was in the category of the best ever. When his swing was off, well, it forced him to retire.

  7. Can they please get rid of Johnny Miller he was
    Ruining my enjoyment of the Open it is time for
    Him to go someplace else where he can be
    sarcastic, negative, and anti European. Put
    Gary Koch alongside Dan Hicks would be
    a far better team.

  8. Can JM be any more critical of great pro folders, who he doesn't happen to like ? Sheesh ! Get him outta here !