Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pebble Beach Still Stunning - Golf Just OK.

If you enjoy Nature on PBS, then you could watch the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am and not notice that golf had broken out. Between the crashing breakers, whales, seals, and sundry other natural delights, the place is truly mesmerizing. I can't imagine a more picturesque setting for a golf course, period. I'd watch a beginner's foursome play Pebble to get a shot of the background. Enough gushing.

Low scores were hung on day one of this venerable event. Being off today I caught most of the telecast, but had trouble getting interested. Tim Finchem, playing with Davis Love III was the only "celebrity" that was shown with any regularity. I saw enough of him to discern that he favors a low slinging hook. Great for fairway roll, but a bastard to hold greens with. Upon further review though, I guess I've seen enough of Ray Romano in years past to satisfy me for a while. Bill Murray's lost his luster with me as well. His golf antics are predictable and tired. Strangely the Golf Channel only showed a handful of shots hit from the other two venues, Spyglass and Poppy Hills. Maybe one of their production trucks broke down. Adding to the conundrum was the fact that four of the top ten played those courses.

First round leaders are inconsequential, but tradition dictates I tell you that Robert Garrigus and Dustin Johnson were tied for the top spot at -7. One back of them was the triumvirate of Rich Beem, Charley Hoffman, and Vaughn Taylor. Eight more gladiators were locked at -5, too many to list this early in the tournament. Full field scores.

Tune in. You might catch some great golf. If not, you'll certainly catch some great vistas.

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  1. Bobbio, I must say I agree with you on this. I love Pebble Beach, but I don't love this tournament or the Bob Hope eiter. It's not that I'm against Pro-Ams (in the olden days when I was young, they were great), but today they don't attract the best players or the best celebs.

    And listening to Faldo go on and on about his celeb buddies makes me turn the sound down.

    I'm happy to see Mike Weir up near the top given I am a Canuck, but I really can do without the other pro-am stuff - it's getting old, as are the celebs.

    We need to bring young interest into this game and watching Finchem and Murray play is not going to draw the Y generation.


  2. Weir loves this place. Always plays well.

    Maybe I'm just aging and being nostalgic. Ys play some golf, but generally don't watch. Tiger Woods '09 is a huge video hit.

  3. I don't know if it is the HD cameras combined with my LCD television that make everything looks so good, but the views of PB have been spectacular!

    Bill Murray is always fun to watch but he does seem to be loosing some of his flair. But it was nice to watch Dan Marino and Peyton Manning play golf.