Monday, December 29, 2008

How Did Average Golfer Miss This One?

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Forgive me for missing this little item before Christmas, although you could always get the jump on next year's shopping. "Potty Putter", brought to you by the folks at Golf'un. I reckon when you consider how much bathroom time is wasted reading game improvement articles, this baby provides some real practice. Let the puns begin......

My favorite part........"For added fun......... The Golfer's Toilet Roll". Sure, let's maximize the fun factor in the old throne room. I wonder how many sheets you have to go through before it repeats itself?

Til' next,

PS - Is it just me or is that Ian Poulter in the ad photo?


  1. ha, potty putters. what if he miss the putt. too much trouble getting the ball back in play. I pass on this.

  2. That's a cute idea. To stop the ball from flying you probably could put it again a wall or something to stop the ball running...

  3. Yup, and you'd need a pretty big bathroom to practice lags.

    Thanks for the visit!