Friday, July 25, 2008

Sell Your Golf Blog / Website - Retire Early.

You've put in the work. The hours of research, the careful placing of ads, the search engine enigma, not to mention the content. Oh yeah, the content. The single thing that establishes my unique contribution to a cyberspace littered with charlatans and fakers. My words, my thoughts, my unparalleled creation. Passion, true passion. Something that profound must have value. Time, energy, and reputation are all worth something.

Here's a cool website that's puts a price on your precious baby. Follow this link to see what your blog's worth. Based on number of hits, page views, links etc., it places an actual dollar value on your site. Rather eye opening for me. Mine's worth $727.08. I can retire! Til' next Wednesday. Disappointed? Not to worry. Try Dane Carlson's site and try your luck again. Link here. There, that should make you feel a little better. I guess the comparison reinforces the old saying, "Opinions are like.........". Hope everyone had some fun with this. That's all I intended.

Hmm..... Come to think of it there's a real easy way to determine your blog's worth. Walk into your local bank for a loan and tell the loan officer you'd like to use your blog as collateral.

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