Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2008 Open Championship - Asides.

It's Open Championship eve and Average Golfer is musing about what's to unfold, complete with some side thoughts. We made picks and predictions yesterday so everyone had ample opportunity to sidle up to their favorite betting venue to take a serious run at some profit. certainly better odds than the stock market right now. Cash in those 401Ks and grab some odds with Tiger out of the field.

Changing topics in midstream, the Royal Birkdale Golf Club is a spectacular site. Between the natural dunes, rolling acreage, and unparalleled flora, it's truly the epitome of an Open venue. The poster child, 2nd only to St. Andrews. Truth be told, St. Andrews is a moonscape with a great clubhouse and the winner in history. Royal Birkdale has without any shred of doubt the ugliest clubhouse on the face of the planet. Such an opposite to the course itself. I can't decide if resembles the Martian capitol building or drug addled architect's future view of a McDonald's restaurant. If you look closely you can almost see some drive-throughs. Truly, my best guess is that the club captain lost a bet, with the winner being able to design and plop there whatever they wanted.

I've got some pre-tournament thoughts on players with almost no chance to win. Short on chances, but long on charisma, or at least newsworthiness.

  • John Daly. Being a previous champion means Big John can play for free in the Open until he's 65. Well, in John's case they allowed until he's 65 or 400 lbs., whichever comes first. It's going to be close.
  • Tom Watson. Five Open titles. Phew. How great would it be to see Tom make the cut and play well on the weekend? I think he has a shot.
  • David Duval. Maybe a return to the links will inspire David. I hope so. It's getting a little embarrassing.
  • Colin Montgomerie. Could be Monty's last major gasp. If he's going to play well, this close to home soil should help.
  • Davis Love III. DL3 went through qualifying to be here. You know he wants it. With no one gving him a chance, I'd love to see him contend.
  • Graeme Storm and Rohan Blizard (A). Just my two favorite weather names. Actually, the only two weather names.
  • Jean Van De Velde. Easy one here. Win = Redemption.
Set those alarms and get up early. There's nothing worse than watching a golf tournament when you know where everyone stands.

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