Monday, October 4, 2010

2010 Ryder Cup - Monday Finish Merely a Formality, US Lost on Sunday

Team Europe holds the Ryder Cup after successfully defeating America 14 1/2 points to 13 1/2 on the fourth day of the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor resort in Newport, Wales on October 04 2010.  UPI/Hugo Philpott Photo via Newscom
Hunter Mahan doesn't usually leave his tee shot, on a relatively straightforward par three, twenty yards short of the green. He typically doesn't chunk a twenty yard pitch shot from a perfectly good lie. He, in turn doesn't miss the hole completely with 20 foot putt that for all intentional purposes would have just delayed the inevitable. You see Hunter and his American compatriots had their asses handed to them yesterday, a day when, due to monsoons, six points were up for grabs in various manners. The old golf adage, "Even a blind fox finds a chicken now and then" didn't apply to the US on Sunday as they gagged their way to giving up 5 1/2 of a possible 6 points to the Euros. That was too large an obstacle to climb against the talent the Euros displayed. It was a Herculian effort just to make the final score as close as it was.

Both squads were diverse in age, accomplishments, and backgrounds. One could argue and pick regarding world rankings and captain's selections, but the fact is both teams had prodigious talent and represented the best of what each geographic region had to offer. Hard to quibble with that. In a different vein, I decided that the current world ranking system wouldn't hold up to a pile of spit. No amount of deciphering, or just plain ciphering for that matter, can convince me that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are the top two players in the world right now. I'd hazard a guess that Mrs. McDowell, if there is one, would agree with me.

Congratulations to the Europeans for a hard fought and well deserved victory! The golf was outstanding by both teams and a pleasure to watch.

PS - Will someone that matters please realize that the British Isles in October isn't the best place to schedule ANY tournament, much less one of this import. I don't want to see the world's best play lift, clean, and place. My regular foursome plays it year round and I'm stinkin' sick of it! Screw the FedUp Cup and move the Ryder back. I know, I know, the money, the money.

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  1. Put me down for a NAY regarding Ryder Cups being played in Ireland, Scotland, Wales or any other God-forsaken country. Palm Springs or South Florida would be great alternatives.

  2. Any true links course would have drained well enough to continue play. That said, it's still foolish to play in the Isles after Labor Day.

  3. You'd think that attracting more spectators would factor into scheduling and location.

  4. Exactly. That's why they've been choosing the "stadium" type courses that hold more fans, but lack the character and drainage characteristics of traditional links courses.

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