Monday, August 23, 2010

Majors Over, PGA Tour Money Grab Begins at The Barclays

Phil won the Masters. The other three were won by..... Oh yeah, McDowell, Oosthuizen, and Kaymer. Now we're expected to get excited about golf tournaments during football season? It's the money, follow the money. Some kabillionaire golfer cashing a ten million dollar check and the NFL is a remote click away? Not here. As far as this Average Golfer is concerned it's golfing purgatory. The upcoming Ryder Cup is must see TV. This is a regular tour event with a better purse. Not that I'm against regular tour events, it's just that I've about had my fill after 27 of them and the majors shuttled until next year. I Know, I know, it's the money. Ratings, sponsors, ticket sales, etc. I like meaningful golf. The only meaning in this fabricated post-season is for the guys playing. Parochial on my part? Yes. Hey, I only have so much time and when my head hits the pillow I can't get that day back.

Since you insist, this week's FedUp Cup playoff event is The Barclays at Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, NJ. Wouldn't Paramus be a great name for a newly discovered dinosaur? 125 of the season's point leaders will tee it up for the honor of pocketing boatloads of cash and surviving to play in next week's Deutsche Bank Championship where the field is pared to a paltry 100. The lucky 70 that survive that tourney play in the BMW Championship where the field is decimated to arrive at the lucky 30 that battle in THE TOUR Championship, the end of the playoff run. (BTW, those are their capital letters, not a nervous finger on my part). Phew, feel the drama.

Placing hard earned money on players/horses is one way to spice up the FedUp Cup. Tomorrow we'll provide valuable insight for The Barclays to ensure you're baby's college fund is safe.

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  1. Is it bad, if non-Americans win a major? Maybe you should get used to the fact, that they are playing great golf in other parts of the world too. I am sure there are going to be more wins on the PGA Tour by them and they surely deserve them.

  2. I don't care who wins. Britain is enjoying a resurgence. That's wonderful. My only point is that with no Americans in contention, TV viewership in this country for golf is eaten alive by professional football.

    Thanks for the visit.