Saturday, June 5, 2010

Barnes Burner at The Memorial

10 under 62. Besting the world #1 playing in your group by 7. Vaporizing a ten stroke lead by the 2nd round leader. Yes, it was very good to be Ricky Barnes today. His round was proof positive of why Saturday on tour is called moving day. Ricky and Rickie Fowler will tee it up in the final group tomorrow for bragging rights and a win at one of the more important non-majors, Jack's Memorial. Could we please vote on one common spelling for Ricky(ie)? Barnes at -13 will spot young Fowler at -16, three strokes when the first ball is airborne. It will be fun to see who blinks first. Ah, youth.

Barnes isn't alone in chasing Fowler. Tim Petrovic is tied with him at -13. Justin Rose stands at -12 and Brendon DeJonge's stellar 65 left him 5 back at -11. Six players are barely within sniffing distance at -9, barring a Barnes-like score tomorrow. Phil Mickelson at -8 and Woods at -6 are playing for walking around money. Full Field 3rd Round Scores.

If the question was who was going to lead the PGA charge in the wake of the post-Woods scandal, the answer may lie in tomorrow's final group. Youthful, seemingly fearless, do either of them have the stuff to finish the deal, or will they wilt in the spotlight? That's why we watch. Gee, this golf thing could get interesting again.

*Average Golfer interesting little sidebar........ On the official website of the Memorial Tournament fans are referred to as patrons. That could catch on.

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  1. Seems as though Tiger isn't as intimidating as he used to be. In years past, Tiger could show up, and his mere presence would put him in contention. Not so much anymore.

  2. Yup, he has some human blood after all. I think the largest problem, other than the toll from his personal life, is that he can't buy hitting a fairway for love or money. That's why I suppose I always questioned the Haney choice. Haney, at one time, had the "driver yips". The supposed cure was part of his resume when he began his teaching advances.

    Thanks for the look.