Friday, April 16, 2010

"..... And All I Got Was This Masters Chocolate Chip Cookie."

I didn't get to the Masters this year. Or any year, truth be told. It was on my TV screen, but that's a huge distant second to being on those hallowed grounds. One of my co-workers however, visits the Masters every year, as regular as a physical, complete with the requisite exams. He and his father have worked as course volunteers for a number of years. Great gig if you can get it. Much to my surprise, he returned to work on Tuesday with a souvenir, a token piece of Bobby Jones' legacy. A chocolate chip cookie in a Masters wrapper. Based on it's hardness it may be from a batch actually eaten by Mr. Jones. My little slice of history.

A little investigation was in order. Keep in mind that no cookie was harmed in the process, evidenced by the accompanying photo. In fact, I doubt I could have harmed this baby with a jackhammer. It was harder than 9th grade math. I have no clue on which day it was procured or the circumstances by which it traveled from Augusta to my far northern location. Some things are better left unasked. I was immediately reminded of the excellent article recently offered by Neil at Armchair Golf Blog  in which he details the stunningly low prices for food at the Masters. Strangely I found no mention of chocolate chip cookies on the menu board. That leads me to believe that a cookie must be a throw-in with a sandwich purchase. If anyone knows otherwise, please clue me in.

The list of ingredients reads like a college chemistry textbook, with thiamine mononitrate being one of the more appealing elements.  A whopping 150 calories from fat, 330 mg of sodium, and 27g of sugar makes this a guilty pleasure and a defibrillator a necessity. The sugar crash alone means this cookie is better served on the back nine. No point is missing a classic Masters finish. Fairness demands that I also point out that the cookie has 10% of your RDA of iron and 8% of vitamin A.

The question remains...... What do I now do with this nugget? I could keep it for posterity and include it in my estate to be hoarded like a family fruitcake by my progeny or I could offer it up on Ebay and contemplate early retirement. Decisions, decisions...

Til' next,


  1. Can you see anyone's face in the cookie? Tiger? Phil? Tom? Freddie? If so, definitely ebay.

    Would you throw in the wrapper too? That's pretty cool. I'd put it behind glass and place proudly in my golf basement. (seriously, I would)

  2. Perhaps you could hang on to it for a year, then pass it on to a worthy recipient, like a fruitcake. We could document it's travels.

    Shoot me your address via the email address listed in my profile and I'll mail it posthaste.