Thursday, January 21, 2010

Global Cooling KOs 2nd Round of Bob Hope Classic

For the first time in 30 years an entire round of the Bob Hope Classic was canceled due to rain and cold temperatures. Evidently just the thought of concrete action at the recent global warming summit in Copenhagen was enough to scare the skirt off Mother Nature and cause a 180 degree turn of events that left LaQuinta with 48 degree temperatures in the high desert and Biblical rains. It was just a few locusts short of a calamity. Unfortunately, due to the paucity of name golfers at the once renowned tournament, only a few diehards noticed. The Hope, thanks to the over exposure of the PGA Tour cash cow, is a shell of it's former self, relying on the quintessential golf icon, Yogi Berra, as it's primary drawing card. What the hell? Was Bob Uecker booked?

With the good fortune of being a five day event, there shouldn't be a problem getting in the remaining rounds. I'm just wondering if that's considered a plus. With next week's tee times in San Diego it's just a hop for players even if a Monday finish is in the cards. Regardless of the outcome it's sad to witness the decline of a fan friendly Hope into a "B tier" tournament. Sigh.

For those still awake,  Shane Bertsch leads with a sterling round #1 -10, 62. Two back at -8 are Alex Prugh and Jeff Quinney. Mr. and Mrs. Prugh must be very proud of their progeny. Could be the 25 year old's coming out party on the semi-big stage.

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  1. Lovely photo -but not a terribly good golf shot, huh? Reminds me a little of the consistent torrentials that the Jack Nicklaus Memorial Tournament has attracted over the years here in central Ohio.

  2. Yup, The Memorial has been plagued by rain. Interesting to see if Mr. Woods plays this year. Just frozen rain here.

  3. I just can't believe all the rain. It has been cold in all areas of the U.S. though. So no big surprise. I also just heard that there will be play on Monday. Just another comment I don't remember the Hope being played right after Hawaii. I guess my bad.