Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FedUp Cup Heads For Home

Finally, a resolution to the the seemingly endless pursuit of a mythical championship and a kazillion more dollars for the lucky pro golfer that survives THE TOUR Championship at East Lake. He'll get to lug the trophy home and plant it on his big screen next to his bowling hardware. Bragging rights will have subsided at that point as he'll only have 29 other losers to chirp at. Soon the FedEx Cup will have it's victor and we can resume normal pursuits, like the NFL and Ice Road Truckers.

This Average Golfer is certainly not the sharpest tool in the drawer, but I did survive college calculus. Try as I might though, I can't get a grasp on the bewildering points system that the FedEx uses to crown it's millionaire of the year. The points are reset for the last event with 2500 for Woods as the #1 seed and 210 for John Senden as the #30. Based on the logic as I understand it, for Senden to get the cup he'd have to win with all the other participants finishing in reverse order. The top five, Tiger, Steve Stricker, Jim Furyk, Zach Johnson, and Heath Slocum can all win the crown with a victory. I would assume that your prospects are on the severe decline from there. Got me so far? Good, cause my hair hurts.

Oddly, last year's top four cuppers, Vijay, Camilo Villegas, Sergio, and Anthony Kim will have front row seats on their couches for this year's finale. Shoot, they can come over to my house and share my davenport. I'd do that for them. Truth is, I'll check out the action. If it's compelling, I'll watch. If not, I'll take a nap or three. The idea behind the FedEx was to maintain some golf interest past Labor Day and provide some incentive for the best players to prolong their seasons. In that respect it's worked with Woods playing more consecutive weeks than one ever could have expected. After the majors though, my interest wanes as the temperatures drop. I'll spend my last weekends before snow and furnace tune ups trying to squeeze in a round during limited daylight. What will you do? Let me know.

Til' next,

*Average Golfer Aside.........The winner of THE TOUR Championship gets $1.35 million dollars. Nice parlay if he takes the cup as well.


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