Monday, June 22, 2009

109th US Open - It's Lucas Glover.

In the muck and mire that will define this year's US Open, South Carolinian Lucas Glover was the last man standing. His birdie on the par four 16th hole, his lone birdie of the day, broke a tie for the lead and separated him from a pack including tournament stories Phil Mickelson and David Duval. Two final pars left Glover at -4, two clear of Mickelson, Duval, and 3rd round leader Ricky Barnes. It was the second career victory for the soft spoken Glover. Mickelson endured more Open angst as he gathered his record 5th second place finish. Duval just missed the exclamation point on a Lazerus-like resurgence from the depths of career yips. Barnes just plain fell apart, reverting to an awkward swing that sprayed balls all over the Bethpage State Park. Brit Ross Fisher landed in solo fifth at -1. Tiger Woods, Henrik Stenson, and Soren Hansen were roped together in 6th place at even par for the event. Final Full Field Scores.

The crowd was jacked when Phil eagled the 13th hole hole, but bogeys on 15 and 17 ended his charge. As expected the fans were Phil fans urging him on until the end. In light of his wife Amy's cancer Phil showed remarkable heart and determination. Keep in mind this is high praise from Average Golfer, not an avowed Phil fan. Duval, in an astounding career comeback, lifted his own ranking by demonstrating great resolve. A triple on the par three 3rd hole could have effectively buried his chances, but he he exuded moxie with his finish that included three consecutive birds on 14, 15, and 16. His cruel lip-out bogey from four feet on 17 ended his rise. Had that putt dropped it may have placed a little more pressure on Glover's final two holes. As it was though, Glover neatly hit the 17th green and calmly and wisely hit 6 iron off 18 tee to ensure his victory.

Open Epilogue

All in all the weather was the dominating theme in this year's national championship. Between the mud balls, odd starts and stops of play, and the unusual Monday finish that wasn't playoff induced, this Open didn't have anywhere near a normal feel to it. Regardless, I'm certain the trophy feels perfectly fine in Lucas Glover's hands tonight. The luck of the draw, weather, difficult conditions are all a part of a sport played outside. I'm not sure I'd enjoy a golf dome if they had one. It all boils down to "Some days you're the dog, some the hydrant." Today Lucas Glover is the dog.

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  1. I believe, week in and week out, the draw comes into play more than we golf fans usually know (or think about). It's just that the weather is not quite as dramatic as this past week and the stakes aren't as high. It often affects things at the British, also at regular tour events. An afternoon course, including bumpier greens, always, always plays different. That's golf. These guys are pros and just have to deal with it.

  2. Yup, even at my own course when the pins haven't been changed you have to firm everything in to avoid the "doughnut" around the cup from the footprints.

    Until they play pro tournaments on simulators it's dog/hydrant.