Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Golf Takes a Back Seat - Cancer Hits Amy Mickelson

They're still going to play The HP Byron Nelson Championship this week, but without one of it's more recognizable figures. A figure that's perhaps never played a round of golf. Phil Mickelson's sunlit wife Amy has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I've never met the Mickelsons and am quite certain I never will. Nevertheless, being a long time golf fan it's more than obvious that Amy is one of those perennially happy people that increases the wattage of any scene they enter. Truth is I'm not even a Phil fan. Fan, after all, is short for "fanatic", and I'm entrenched in the Tiger camp. Still, it's not personal and the Mickelson family, a convivial scene repeated at the 18th hole of many of his victories, is as wholesome as any of your favorite pies. That only speaks to the equality of this insidious disease. It harbors no favorites.

The plus side is I'd assume the Mickelsons are fortunate enough to receive top notch care. Amy's bright outlook and family support will be a large part of her recovery. Please join me and extend your thoughts, prayers, or whatever you communicate to the well being of Amy and the entire Mickelson clan. Two of my lifelong friends, married high school sweethearts, lost their 21 year old daughter last year to an epic battle with pancreatic cancer. The word "fair" is not in this disease's vocabulary.

Please consider a visit to this wonderful site........Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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  1. It's terrible. Briny did something amazing this week and raised a lot of money for military charities. Maybe Phil can do something like this for Susan G Komen charity. Here's a new angle on what Briny did...

    I could see Phil doing something for Susan G

  2. Bravo Briny.

    The Tour does a huge amount for charity, but I'd expect the Mickelsons will narrow their focus to breast cancer after Amy's out of danger, God willing.

  3. The Mickelson's are an all American family. Her illness gives everyone some perspective of what is truly important in life--health and family.

  4. I just read in this week's Golf World that the Mickelson's paid for the college education of ex NFL player Conrad Dobler's daughter after they'd heard that Dobler's wife had been tragically paralyzed. That's kindness beyond any words.